SEO Scams

As with any topic, if there was a way to manipulate it for gain, people find a way to do it. The business of Search Engine Optimization is a broad range of ideas, and there are individuals and even companies that have based their work on providing limited results for maximum pay. This has somewhat tainted the industry filled with SEO scams.

SEO Scams! Who can help us?

A SEO Hero to Stop SEO ScamsWe need an SEO Hero. A system that we can trust. When looking for help with ranking, consider these tips:

  • Avoid promises of immediate results. SEO work is tedious, it takes time. Any person or company that is offering fast results is a scam.
  • Avoid promises of being on thousands of search engines. You don’t need to be on thousands of search engines, it’s irrelevant and a waste of your time. Over 95% of search engine searches are through the four biggest names.
  • Avoid companies who boast having an in with Google. Though you want a company who spends considerable time researching and learning the latest in information, there is no such thing as a company who has inside links.

The world of SEO has become more than just the website, it has become intertwined with social media. Increasingly people are getting their information of products and services from social media plugs. Facebook and Twitter has become a critical aspect that your SEO developers need to have a handle on. Regular blog posts show authority and provide continuous attention to your site. Your SEO provider should have business and marketing strategies, along with high-quality content. Be cautious of link-spamming practices.

A word of caution to anyone would be to know what you need, know what will be provided and to have a comparison of what to expect financially and in productivity. The correct SEO company is the one that takes a slow and steady pace, with consistent care.

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