SEO History

SEO History begins in the early 1990’s the Internet was in its earliest stages, with few websites and fewer users. As the number of websites increased and users wanted more relevance in their searching, the world of SEO began. Those early Internet ages of America Online (AOL) and early search engines began to fight for their customers. We wanted more than just linking words, we wanted to find the website that fit our search, meaning search engine optimization had to be congruent with reading our minds. The world increasingly needed an SEO Hero, and so began, the algorithms of Google.

Google Changes SEO History

Global Search Share History - Google & SEO History - SEO HeroGoogle made a significant impact, because the company took charge on developing the way sites ranked by content. This leveled the playing fields for brands. By doing this, sites were then required to create quality content or they would be penalized for having bad linking practices or keyword stuffing, which sites were doing to improve indexing. No longer could websites have hidden keywords, or misleading information to get searchers to their site. This changed SEO History and determined where the future of the industry would go.

This was a huge benefit to us. No longer did we need to search page after page of content presented to us through a search engine. The search engine was designed to determine what we were looking for and provide us the most relevant results. With the addition of location technology, the results became even more relevant, now when we search for a doctor’s office, we see offices nearby, not just the page that was done well.

In Comes the SEO Hero

As user focused searching increased, the overall usability increased. Due to SEO heroes, users were able to easily find relevant content that took suggestions from your historical data. This evolution, paired keyword research tools including Google Trends and Google Analytics, made users searching much more focused and targeted.

SEO has come a long way.

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