SEO Hero Search Results 11/17/16

Let’s take a look at day 1 of search results. Taking a screenshot of the search yesterday we see the top 10 results are:
SEO Hero Search Results 11/17/2016

  1. Local SEO Hero – This is a site that’s been around for a while. Looks like a local SEO person in Berks County Pennsylvania. Not a new domain so they’re not in the running.
  2. Local SEO Hero – A subpage on the previous listing.
  3. – The contest. Does this count for them?
  4. SEO Hero Video Game – I haven’t played this, but it looks like fun. Not a new site so it’s not in the running.
  5. Images for SEO Hero – This is the Google subsection for images. I find it interesting that it takes up a search result technically leaving 9 results on the page.
  6. Ultra SEO Hero – A blog network? They say on their home page they have 700 blogs on different domains and such. Sounds like a blog network. Wow.
  7. Red Revolution: SEO Man – This is by far the most clever of the bunch. A comic book about SEO man. Luckily they’re not new so the site isn’t in the race.
  8. Conductor: How to become an SEO Hero – An article mentioning SEO Hero. Since no one’s trying to rank for SEO hero, articles are probably the common fare here. That’ll change soon.
  9. Search Engine Watch: How to become an SEO Hero – Another article mentioning SEO Hero.
  10. SEO Website Hero – A site registered in 2010, but the design looks a bit more 2003.

SEO Hero Ranking Competition

This is the starting competition. I suspect I can beat all of these listings, but I also suspect there will be more people with much better sites popping up in no time. I’m curious how much attention this will eventually get.

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