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Not sure why “hero” means luchador wrestlers.

I’ve setup this site in accordance with the SEO Hero rules posted by Wix. It meets these conditions:

  • Section 2 – I live in the US and am not an employee of Wix.
  • Section 4.1.1 – Domain registered after 11/16/2016 (
  • Section 4.1.4 – The site is in English.
  • Section 4.1.5 – This site is dedicated to its SEO hero: Evan Davis
  • Section 4.2 – Google Analytics setup and setup as an admin.
  • Section 5.2 – Entered contest on the Wix website.

I’m not sure how the site will do, but I hope it proves to be as fun as I think it will. I vow not to get my hopes up in case I do not win. There are a lot of competent SEO folk out there who have a lot more friends that can link to their sites (I’m looking at you Wil Reynolds).

SEO Hero Rules

There’s a lot more than what I mentioned above and I guess I should include the Wix SEO Hero Contest Rules here. They’ve been pretty thorough.

Our SEO Hero Evan Davis

I got my start in building websites back in 1999. By 2000 my clients were asking me how to get traffic to their sites. I worked with DMOZ, Altavista, Yahoo, Web Crawler, Lycos, etc. to get traffic to their sites. We didn’t know what to call what we did back then and certainly not SEO. Since then I moved from <table> based design to CSS and started focusing more on Google when doing SEO. Later I moved to <div> based design and my SEO Hero-ness improved, working on larger sites and generating more revenue for clients. I now work for WEO Media in SEO making sure dentists can be found online. During my free time you will find me with my amazing wife, my children, messing with programming and semantic design.

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