SEO Hero

SEO HeroI am a SEO Hero. More accurately, I want to rank for SEO Hero in Google Search. It appears there might be some money riding on this and I thought “why not.” You too can try to do the same thing. I suspect some marketing company will invest $5000 of their time to make sure they win. I look forward to the drama unfolding.

SEO Hero

It’s not a highly searched phrase, nor does SEO Hero have much value to the SEO world. I suspect it was chosen because no one had paid attention to it and it has some positive connotations to SEO. Still, there are people and articles trying to rank for it even before the contest started.

Tracking SEO Hero

I’m planning to do some tracking of the search phrase SEO Hero in the blog on this site. Check back from time to time to see if anything worthwhile has changed. OR, if by some miracle starts to rank on page one of Google search results, I’ll post it with fanfare here.

How To Make an SEO Hero

SEO HeroThere are a few ingredients that make a good SEO Hero:

  • 18 Years Building websites
  • 16 Years Doing SEO for Clients
  • 4 Years College (BS in Business)
  • 1 Friendly Disposition

Mix all that together and give that guy a happy life and you get me: . It’s gonna take a while to get through 18 years of email to find all the testimonials to back this up. I remember putting them together before and got 36 people giving me 5 stars for my work. Here’s two to get you started:

  • 5 Stars – “Always produces high quality work.” by Evan might be a pain, but his work speaks for itself.
  • 5 Stars – “Evan is the best.” by I love him so much, he is one of the ones that is not trying to bring me down. God bless him.

SEO Hero Update 11/18/2016